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A Beginner’s Guide to Fleet GPS Tracking System Components and their Function

GPS fleet trackers are an essential tool for businesses whose operations rely on fleets of vehicles. These trackers use satellite technology to locate and track, in real-time, the movement of vehicles on which the devices are installed.

While it is the core of a GPS tracking system, the tracker device works with other components that are just as important in order to collect, transmit and analyze vehicle data. Here is a look at these additional components and the role each plays in the GPS tracking system.


On the GPS tracking device is an antenna that receives signals from GPS satellites and then transmits data to the central server. The antenna goes on the e=vehicle exterior, so it has a clear line to the satellites.

Cellular Network

The trackers on your vehicles use a cellular network to transmit data on vehicle location, driver behavior, and more to a central server in real-time. Inside the tracker is a SIM card with which the device communicates with the cellular network.

Central Server

All the information from the vehicle tracker is communicated via a cellular network and received by the central server. The central server processes this information and passes it along to the fleet management team with real-time updates on vehicle location and movements, as well as other key metrics. The central server is typically cloud-based. Fleet managers and other team members with access can access the server via a mobile app or a web-based interface.

Tracking Software

Fleet managers use fleet tracking software to analyze the information from the fleet trackers. Analysis of this data provides actionable insights that fleet managers can use to optimize various aspects of fleet operations, such as route planning and vehicle maintenance. The software provides real-time alerts as well as comprehensive reports on, among other things, the usage, condition, and performance of all the device-enabled vehicles. The reports summarize critical metrics, and fleet managers can identify patterns, trends, and potential areas for improvement.

Driver Feedback System

The driver feedback system is a feature of some GPS tracking systems. The system monitors driver behavior and provides real-time feedback to the driver. Typical alerts drivers may get from the system include speeding, aggressive braking, and other unsafe and inefficient driving behaviors. By providing real-time feedback, the drivers can correct their driving habits on the go to promote the safety of all road users, efficient fuel consumption, and protect the vehicle. 

Variance in Features

While the main components that make up a GPS tracking system are the same, different systems deliver different features. It is crucial that you choose a system and provider that provides features that meet your specific business needs.

If you are looking for a comprehensive fleet management system, it’s best to choose a fleet GPS tracking system that integrates with other systems, such as billing software. Similarly, with advanced features such as geofencing, you will be able to receive alerts anytime a vehicle enters or exits a specific area.

Professional Set-Up and Support

It is not enough to get high-quality vehicle trackers. There are other components in a fleet GPS tracking system. By hiring people with the right expertise and experience, you can rest assured that your tracking system will be set up professionally, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of tracking your fleet.

To continue enjoying these advantages for a long time, you need a provider that will offer reliable technical support whenever you need it. In addition to continuing technical support, Simply Trackers also provides clients with training, so your entire team knows how to use the system and can get the maximum value from your tracking system.

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