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Keep track of your vehicles location and performance with a reliable vehicle GPS trackers. If you need more advice, give us a call and lets chat.

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At Simply Trackers, our GPS Vehicle Tracking devices are top-of-the-line vehicle trackers that can keep your car or fleet of vehicles and their drivers safe and sound. Our GPS vehicle trackers provide powerful yet affordable tracking solution to all vehicle models. Some of the features of these cutting edge devices include;

  • Turn-by-turn live updates with real-time notifications about the car’s status; You will receive alerts when the vehicle is idling, when it starts moving, the direction it’s going, mileage covered, and more.
  • Real-time GPS tracking features designed to provide you with live data points on the location of the vehicle, its current speed, etc.
  • Set up automatic alerts and detailed driving reports. You will get information on when the moves out of the geofence zone, driver’s behavior, usage during unauthorized hours, and many more.

With one of our vehicle tracker, the security, safety, and whereabouts of your assets are in the palm of your hands.

When our GPS trackers are installed in personal vehicles, you will;

  • Closely monitor the safety and driving habits of your teenager and take necessary measures when need be.
  • You will be able to pinpoint the exact location of your children or elderly drivers at all times.
  • You will seamlessly deter car theft or recover a stolen vehicle with much ease.

What’s more, the GPS vehicle trackers can easily be fitted in all new or old models, whether it’s a sedan, an RV, a truck, an SUV, a crossover, or a coupe, Simply Trackers got you covered.

For business owners, you can have full control of a fleet of vehicles

You will be able to remotely monitor each vehicle in order to;

Improve fuel consumption, safety, efficiency, and reduce accident rates by closely motoring the behavior of drivers.

  • Optimize routes and delivery schedules.
  • Deter costly theft.
  • Easily manage maintenance schedules and rotation of vehicles.
  • Facilitate quick response to emergency calls and many more.

Stay connect to any type and size of automobiles, whether it’s a two-wheeler or a multiple axle trucks, our trackers are engineered to perfectly working on all of them, which include;

  • Car Trackers: You can track your car anywhere it goes at the palm of your hand. Keep an eye on your personal cars in real-time and rest easy, knowing that your assets are safe.
  • Motorcycle Trackers: Motorcycle theft has become too common, and installing a GPS tracker can be the difference between finding your motorcycle and buying a replacement.
  • Truck Trackers: You can reduce operating costs and expenses. You can also improve the efficiency of your trucking businesses by anticipating delays, optimizing delivery routes, and exploring alternative means that saves on fuel and improve on efficacy and safety.

Types of Vehicle GPS Trackers

Common types of vehicle GPS trackers include;

  • Plug-in GPS Trackers
  • Hardwired GPS Trackers
  • Battery Powered Tracking Units
  • OBD ii GPS Trackers
  • Cell-Based Vehicle Trackers
  • Bluetooth Tracker
  • Satellite GPS Trackers

Enjoy the maximum benefits of the vehicle tracking system by having yours installed with a quality and reliable GPS car tracker.