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4 Main Considerations When Choosing Asset-Tracking Solutions for Your Business

There are several types of asset tracking technologies, each with inherent advantages that will benefit your business. GPS fleet trackers are among the most widely used technology in fleet management, and you can use them to identify vehicle locations, plan and optimize routes and give directions to your drivers.

Other common asset-tracking technologies include bar codes, quick response (QR) codes, near-field communication (NFC), and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. It is critical that you understand the different types of tracking technologies and what each has to offer for your business.

With various options available, deciding which asset-tracking solution to choose for your business can get overwhelming. However, you can ensure you make the right choice by carefully considering these critical factors.

      1. What are your business goals?

    All asset trackers may deliver the same function, but different trackers are used for different purposes. Are you installing the trackers to boost efficiency? Cut costs, perhaps? Or are you installing the trackers to improve fleet safety?

    Knowing what specific goals you hope to achieve will help you narrow down the right asset-tracking technology to choose. Bar codes and QR codes, for example, are great for improving the efficiency of your inventory control operations. On the other hand, GPS trackers are undoubtedly the best option for overall fleet management, including route planning and cutting fuel consumption costs.

        1. What assets are you tracking?

      What asset tracking technology may make sense for a particular type of asset may not be the best choice for another asset. Ensure you choose a technology best suited for the asset you wish to track.

      RFID tags, for example, are great for tracking the inventory you keep in your warehouse. This technology doesn’t require a line of sight with the asset, meaning you can track all inventory, even if it is out of view. On the other hand, if you are tracking a fleet of service vehicles, GPS tracking technology is always your best bet. These trackers use satellite technology, and you can track your vehicles over long distances.

          1. What is the work environment?

        Consider the environment in which your trackers will be working. If you are tracking assets over long distances, for example, ensure you choose a solution with a wide range. In this case, NFC technology would not work as it is short-range and requires physical contact between the reader and the tag.

        On the other hand, GPS trackers are great for wide-range asset tracking. GPS trackers are also great for outdoor tracking as they are designed and built to stand up quite well to the elements. You can expect even better results if you choose a water-proof GPS tracker with a long-life battery.

            1. What is your budget?

          There is a variance in cost among the different asset-tracking solutions. RFID readers can be expensive, while bar and QR code readers are affordable.

          Have a budget in mind as you begin your search for an asset-tracking solution. Keep in mind that you don’t need the most expensive asset-tracking technology to enjoy the many benefits of asset tracking. As long as the tracking solution meets your needs, you can save on costs by sticking to what is within your budget.

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           GPS asset trackers are a popular pick for tracking various assets and with good reason. The trackers provide total visibility and can be used over long ranges. Simply Trackers carries reliable and affordable GPS trackers for vehicular and non-vehicle assets. Get in touch today for expert advice on the best tracker to use that matches your specific asset type, business goals, and budget.

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