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With an easy-to-use asset tracker brilliantly designed with multiple trigger features that can be customized to fit your unique needs, you can rest easy knowing your valuable assets are safe within the location of your choice. What’s more, you will get instant alarms or alerts if someone moves the assets from where they are supposed to be.

They are small but very powerful asset trackers designed for durability, reliability, and precision. The trackers will always alert you whenever the preset triggers are activated with accurate information that you can always trust and depend on. To guarantee 24/7/365 dependability, these incredible asset trackers are designed with unique rugged casing to ensure the trackers are shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, and tamperproof.

More Impressive Features Tailored Just for You Include;​

  • A long-lasting battery that can store power for more than a week between charges.
  • Sleek design with powerful internal magnets that allow the trackers to be securely attached to any metallic body without the need for installation—making them extremely easy to fit and hide.
  • Intelligently built to respond to the customized settings, keep tracking history & live tracking.
  • Send alerts when the assets move in or out of the electronic geofence.
  • They can be accessed via any internet-enabled device. Whether it’s an android device, IOS, or a personal computer from anywhere in the world…And many more amazing features.

Asset Trackers Are Commonly Used For​

Bike Tracking

Want to be assured that your bike is where you left it? Get a bike tracker that’s been designed to be easily fitted in any bike model.

Trailer Tracking:

There is no better way to know the whereabouts of your trailer at all times than fitting it with a trailer tracker. You will rest assured knowing your trailer is where it is supposed to be at all times.

Key Tracking:

Finally, there is a simple but very effective way of finding your keys at any time and anywhere in the world; just fit it with a key finder.

Wallet Tracking:

Never worry about losing your wallet again. With wallet trackers, you can always find your wallet at home, work or recover if its been stolen or it accidentally dropped out of your pocket.

Boat Tracking:

With geofencing alerts and live tracking features, the boat trackers will always provide you with accurate information—if the boat is docked at the marina and immediately alert you when it leaves its designated zone.

Caravan Tracking:

As Caravan theft is on the rise, its becoming even more important to get set up with a modern caravan GPS tracker. Caravan trackers are easy to use, just charge them up and hide them somewhere in your caravan.

Tool Tracking:

If you have expensive tools, you can fit them with a tool tracker as a security measure against theft.

Luggage Tracking

Luggage trackers provide fast and accurate reporting. With their live tracking capabilities, you can track exactly where your luggage is at any given time.

Types of Asset Trackers Available in the Market

  • Battery-Powered Trackers
  • 3G and 4G Cellular Trackers
  • Satellite Trackers
  • Unpowered Plug-In and Play Trackers
  • Hardwired Trackers, and, many more

Subscription Cost

On all asset tracker categories, there are two options available to access the software online;

  • The monthly or annual subscription, or,
  • A one-time payment for lifetime access.

One thing to note, however, the lifetime access option is only available for personal use. At the moment, all businesses have to go with our pocket-friendly monthly or annual subscriptions,

If you are looking for a premium asset tracking device that’s has been engineered to go everywhere and seamlessly track anything, look on further, our wide range of asset trackers offer a perfect solution for covert location tracking.