Hardwired GPS Boat Tracker


Keep Track of Your Boat Anywhere

  • 4G Connectivity
  • Hardwired – never worry about recharging the battery
  • Easy Installation
  • Remote Fuel-Cut Off
  • Speed and location alerts sent instantly to your smartphone so you always know if there’s anything wrong
  • Boat behaviour – GEO Fence, excessive speeding, know where your boat is, and where its been
  • Location Sharing via a link (let your customers, friends or family know exactly where your boats are at any time)
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This tracker is hardwired directly into your boat’s power source. That means you’ll never have to worry about recharging the battery or missing out on any important tracking data due to power loss.

3G Connectivity
Remote Fuel Cut Off Feature

In case of theft the user can immediately cut-off the fuel using the app or cloud-based platform. It commands the boat to stop by breaking off the fuel connection.

Ignition status

Know exactly when and where your vehicle has turned on its ignition.

Back Up Battery

300 mAh, 3.7V Li-Polymer battery for emergency situations

Multiple Alerts & Reports – GEO FENCE and more

Support speeding/drop or tamper/geo-fence alert, direction change/heartbeat report etc. Custom settings options like geofences and alerts so you’re notified about what’s most important to you. Create an alert if your boat moves from its mooring or your home.
Help secure your equipment by setting up geofence alerts to create a virtual perimeter around your boat. If an boat moves, you’ll know about it.

Instant alerts allow you to notify police immediately, reducing damage and potentially speeding up recovery.

Live and Historical Tracking

Know where your boat is, and where its been. Even with thousands of boat, you can track them all on a single cloud-based dashboard for fast searching. This is great for boat rental companies.

Maintenance and Service Alerts

Get connected to the tracking platform and protect your boat with proactive maintenance and service scheduling. Track outboard hours based on usage and create reminders for scheduled and parts maintenance.

Smart Movement Based Tracking

3-Axis Accelerometer allows device to “sleep” to conserve energy when inactive and “wake” when movement occurs

Location Sharing

Share the location of your boat with staff, customers, family or friends via the cloud-based platform.


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