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At Simply Trackers Australia, our GPS Trackers assist in preventing theft of our valuables, keeping our loved ones safe, monitoring productivity and lowering costs, receiving real-time alerts on emergencies, real live tracking, vehicle security through theft recovery and track driver behavior.

Whether you need to prevent losses or rest easy, knowing that everything is exactly where it is supposed to be, GPS tracking devices provide a wide array of benefits to your assets via a GPS tracker app.

Demystifying the Uses of GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers are commonly used by;

Industries and Businesses to;

  • Vehicle tracking system to manage company vehicles and drivers effectively
  • Locate assets in real-time
  • Save time and money efficient utilization of assets and vehicles
  • Optimize the company’s resources, etc.
  • Locate missing or stolen assets such as stolen vehicles, boats, bikes, caravans, trucks, cargo etc.
  • Locating lost packages (or preventing the loss of valuable packages), etc.

Persons to;

Track and take care of seniors, children, and loved ones with medical issues. Try our Elderly GPS Tracker or Kids GPS Tracker.

As a special mention, let’s take a look at how GPS trackers are used in different industries.

Construction and Heavy Equipment

When construction sites are located in remote areas, you need a GPS tracker to help employees, engineers, and surveyors to the location of their assets with much ease. The best GPS trackers are handy in such situations as they provide a precise position of the site’s location.

Also, GPS units can be used in equipment maintenance by tracking the precise location of fixed equipment. For companies that practice scheduled maintenance for their heavy equipment, GPS technology can be used to monitor the hourly or mileage usage of equipment for effective rotation and servicing of the equipment.

Retail and Manufacturing

GPS trackers can be used to optimize resources. Managers can monitor fuel usage, mileage covered, machine/vehicle idling time, employees’ behaviors’, among other valuable money-saving information that will help in making an informed decision on effective resource utilization.

Oil, Gas, and Mining

When it comes to the exploring of the oil, gas, quarrying, and mining, there is a common saying that the GPS unit is the eye and guide of the explorers. This statement is accurate as a GPS tracker leads the experts to the exact location, whether it’s in the jungle, under the ocean, or somewhere in the desert. There is nothing that mineral explores trust more than the data from the GPS trackers to take them to their desired location.

Services and Specialty Trades

When coordinating a number of employees, you need to have a system in place that can get every member of the team to their work station more efficiently. Nothing does a better job than having active trackers that will help you reroute in real-time. This will help you make necessary adjustments beforehand. You will be able to deliver the services as planned and reduce time and resource wastage.

If you are a sole trader with 1-3 vehicles check out our GPS Vehicle Tracking options, for companies with more 4 vehicles needing to be tracked, we have our Fleet Tracking option available.

Transportation, Trucking, and Logistics

With live GPS Truck trackers, logistics for the transportation industry has become child’s play. The car tracking devices will give you precise direction and navigation information about your current location and where you are going. You will be able to generate coordinates for directions and the alternative routes as well as gaining insightful information such as the amount of fuel you may need and the estimated time of arrival.

When a GPS tracker is installed in cargo on transits, the logistic team will be able to monitor its delivery closely and take necessary measures in an event the trucker deviates from the preplanned route.

Hire and Rental

Cars for hire requires a GPS tracker to deter theft. If someone decides to run away with the vehicle, the rental company will be able to track the speed, location, and route of the car in real-time. With such information, recovering the car will be fast, easy, and with very higher chances of success rate. Also, the rental company can use geofencing technology to create a virtual boundary on the area of operation of their rental cars.

Passenger Transport

The success of the passenger transport business highly depends on how happy your clients are. The more the customers are satisfied with your services, the more the recommendations you will get, and the more they will keep coming back. With the help of active GPS trackers, you will be able to monitor your drivers’ behaviors, respond to service calls on time, and reach your customers within the shortest time possible.

Corporate Fleets

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a challenging and time-consuming task. With KPIs to achieve and customers to make happy, it will be a daunting responsibility to run a transportation business without having an accurate system of showing you where each car is. That said, having the vehicles installed with anti theft GPS trackers will ease your logistic work, help you get rid of most paperwork, reduce operation costs, facilitate the recovery of stolen vehicles, and significantly improve the productivity of the transportation business.

Visit our Fleet Trackers for more information.


When running non-profit organization, resource optimization, reduction on operation cost, and improving productivity is the key to running sustainable organizations. A GPS will be able to alert you when a vehicle is speeding, idling unnecessarily, or has diverted from its designated route. While taking unnecessary routes will burn more fuel, over speeding makes the cars wear and tear faster while increasing the chances of auto accidents, costs of repairs, and insurance-related costs. With a GPS tracker installed in the vehicle, taking mitigation measures against such eventualities will help run a nonprofit organization at a very low operational cost.

Personal and Pet Tracking

Life in modern society may demand you spend most of your time working. The everyday hustle and bustle of trying to make ends meet have made it hard for parents to physically be present in the daily lives of their children and elderly parents. To know their whereabouts, children, and seniors are equipped with small tracking devices. With these devices, locating them at any time becomes very easy. The GPS tracker becomes the eyes and guide of a parent during unforeseen circumstances when finding their loved ones is a priority.

Governments, Public Sector, and Utilities

GPS trackers enable the government and the public sector at large to track assets and facilitate proper utilization. Likewise, they can monitor equipment usage, which is very instrumental in making employees use their time efficiently. In some cases, the GPS data can be used to verify payroll, distribute workload, and determine which machinery need planned maintenance.

As evident, GPS trackers are designed to provide personal, professional, and commercial use. Their functionality, versatility, and a wide array of benefits can help you eliminate wastage, deter theft, and make both employees and machinery more productive. If you are yet to buy a GPS tracker for your vehicles and equipment, check out our range here.