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Car GPS Trackers: Anti-Theft Ultimate Solution

Protect your vehicle from theft or vandalism. A car GPS tracking device comes with a wide array of other benefits. They include:

Show Driver’s Habits

GPS trackers for cars can access and send information about a driver’s driving habits. With hard braking, speeding, and prolonged idle time notifications, real-time driving insights can help make an informed decision about the driver on the road.

Monitor The Health of the Engine

With more advanced features, the mobile tracking device for cars can alert you when something under the hood needs your attention so that you take necessary steps before a hiccup turns to be a big problem.

Ensure Safety for Your Loved Ones

Receive notifications when the car leaves a geofence region. If it takes too long or it goes too far from the defined areas, alert the authority and help keep your loved ones safe through monitoring and tracing the car’s movement.

Easy and Fast Installation

If it’s the magnetic type, all you need to do is to find a concealed location and place it on a metallic surface. The OBD-II Plug and Play type are also easy to install and does not require a professional installer. All you need is to locate the OBD II port, which is usually located under the dashboard of all car models. With this type, you don’t need a battery. Just plug in and you are good to go.

Types of Car GPS Trackers

  • 4G and 4G-LTE Cellular Car GPS Trackers
  • Satellite Car GPS Trackers
  • 3G Cellular Car GPS Tracker
  • OBD-II Plug and Play Car GPS Tracker
  • Bluetooth Car GPS Trackers,
  • Hard Wired GPS Car GPS Trackers etc.

Activate the GPS car tracking with either a monthly, annually, or a lifetime payment subscription. Note; a lifetime payment option is only available with personal cars; business car owners can only activate a monthly or annual subscription.