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Manage Your Truck(s) with Our Powerful GPS Trackers

With our GPS truck tracking system, we can promise;

  • Real-time truck tracking and theft protection solutions.
  • Ease of managing a large number of trucks, whether it be 1 or 1000, we got you covered.
  • Improved productivity and easier means of validating drivers’ hours.
  • Instant notification when any driver leaves or enters the designated route or location.
  • Instant alerts if a company truck is used past authorized hours.
  • Quick and effective responses to SOS calls with 2 way communication.
  • Customized devices that meet your business needs and receive email or text alerts.

Benefits Beyond Truck Location Identification

The most notable usage of a GPS tracker is to provide real-time location of an asset but with advanced features, the benefits of a tracker goes beyond knowing the whereabouts of a truck. This includes;

  • Saving on Fuel: For a successful truck business, the vehicles must consume fuel efficiently. With the truck tracking system, you can monitor, analyze, and deduce whether drivers are obliged to following the fuel-efficient driving technics while on the road. This way, you will lower the operational costs in the long run.
  • Reporting Activities: Improve trucking operations by having a well-organized data and daily information about each driver and truck in the palm of your hands. The reporting software also means reduced paperwork as most reports are auto-generated by the tracking system.
  • Efficient Route Planning: In a trucking business, time is a key factor; the more time you can save, the more money you are going to make. Using the data from the tracker, you can calculate the optimal route for future deliveries, which helps in efficient planning and delivery schedules.
  • Better Customer Service: Enjoy the influx of clients due to improved delivery services. With a GPS tracking system, you can share the vehicle’s accurate ETA with the customer, you can even share a link with the customer for live tracking.
  • Monitoring of the Drivers’ Behavior: When you are in the trucking business, it can be a serious challenge if you cannot know where the drivers are at any given time, with a tracking GPS in place. A truck manager can determine the locations of the drivers at any given time. The manager can also use the tracker’s information to determine whether the driver has been idling too long, over speeding, harsh acceleration, cornering, or have diverted from the scheduled route.

Without the tracking system in place, the truck owner or manager has to keep calling the drivers to check their whereabouts, meaning that the manager cannot focus on anything else other than worry about the drivers and the cargo on transit.

You Can Use Our Truck GPS Tracking System to Improve Productivity by;

  • Route Replays
  • Receiving Trip Summaries
  • Real-Time Alerts for Over Speeding, Rapid Acceleration, Among Other Poor Driving Habits
  • Receive Maintenance and Warning/Diagnostic Code Notifications
  • Receive Alerts When the Driver Prolongs the Idle Time

Type of Truck GPS Trackers

  • Hard Wired Truck Trackers
  • Satellite Truck Trackers
  • 3G,4G, and 4G-LTE Cellular Truck Trackers,

Truck GPS Tracking System works with all truck classification, which includes;

  • Dump/ Garbage Trucks
  • Mining and Heavy Machinery
  • Tow Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Snow Plows
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Cement Mixers
  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • Fire Tanks
  • Semi-Trailers
  • Box Trucks, Etc.

If you’ve been looking forward to lowering overheads, maximizing on drivers’ productivity, improving customers’ experience, deter theft, and drivers’ misconduct, it’s time you install your trucks with a reliable GPS tracking system.